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We use patients’ DNA and know exactly what works for them. Our advanced tests are proven to prevent hospital readmissions, reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.




DNA Testing


Bacteria, Diseases and Fungi Tests

By offering several pathogen tests that screen between 120 and 150 genetic mutations, viruses, fungi, and disease pathogens, we take the guesswork out of diagnosing patients. Our DNA tests are highly accurate, and collecting a DNA sample is as simple as swabbing a nasal passage, wound, or other affected area. Our pathogen tests also have full results in 24 hours of the patient sample arriving at our state-of-the-art facility.


Cancer Tests

Unlike traditional laboratories that screen up to 27 cancer genes, we offer comprehensive, inherited cancer panel that screens for 134 high-risk cancer genes. This revolutionary NextGen Sequencing™ technology yields highly accurate results within two weeks, versus traditional lab tests that could take up to 30 days. The 134 cancer gene panel screens for cancer susceptibility genes that may contribute to an individual's risk of developing different types of cancer.

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