The growth in knowledge of molecular medicine is far exceeding the pace of clinical integration. NCF is focused on putting this knowledge into action through the development of tests that are revolutionizing patient care.


Identifying patients at risk of preventable diseases can affect multiple generations.


Molecular medicine provides the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy that providers need to impact patient outcomes.


Understanding how a patient processes medications is vital to prescribing safe and effective treatment.

NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies is a high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory located in Progress Park, a biotechnology and research community in Alachua, Florida.

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NCFDNA utilizes advanced technology to identify various hereditary disorders, determine medication metabolism and to expedite the diagnose of infectious disease.

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NCF was founded on research and is passionate about collaborating with strategic partners to continue to advance modern medicine.

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The information below provides a variety of resources for both the patient and provider to help achieve optimal health.

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Antibiotic resistance will hit a terrible tipping point in 2017…

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What we do

NCFDNA is focused on implementing testing options that lead to informed medical decisions and better patient care.


We identify multiple hereditary disorders and determine medication metabolism.


We utilize advanced technology to expedite the diagnosis of infectious disease.


We believe research will fuel future innovation.

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Simple blood test can detect genetic diseases early in pregnancy

A FAST test for genetic disorders means women could learn about the future health of their baby as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy. The test for single-gene disorders, which are collectively more common than Down’s syndrome, could be available…

How to Keep the World Safe from Superbugs

Superbugs, or bacteria that have grown immune to the drugs used to treat them, are rapidly becoming a global public health crisis…

New tool developed to help avoid adverse drug reactions

Medicines are an important part of treating and preventing disease in adults and children. Now researchers have developed a new tool to help avoid adverse reactions to medicines.

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