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NCF Diagnostic & DNA Technologies is a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory located in the biotechnology and research community of Progress Park, in Alachua, FL. Not only are we the only minority-owned and accredited DNA laboratory in the country, but we are also one of only a few high-complexity molecular DNA laboratories in the entire nation. Our core values are patient focused, integrity, respect and teamwork.

We incorporate the use of innovative technologies and complex techniques, such as Real-Time PCR, which allows our laboratory to achieve an outstanding diagnostic accuracy of over 99% - a percentage significantly more precise than traditional forms of lab testing. With Real-Time PCR you will also receive your results within a 24 hour timespan, and that includes antibiotic resistance results, which can typically take up to 5-7 days with traditional laboratory tests.

We are on the forefront of revolutionizing medicine by helping physicians precisely diagnose patients, early on. This allows doctors to successfully map treatment plans that are as unique as each patients’ individual DNA.

Our mission is to empower patients, physicians
and providers through precision medicine.

Success Stories

"At our practice, we've compared the results of NCF DNA's advanced tests to results of traditional culture tests and what we found was NCF DNA's tests detected more pathogens."

- Dr. D. Valentine, PA, TruCare Health

"We experienced an outbreak in our neonatal unit. We used their RespiraPath™ test on nine children and it revealed respiratory syncytial viruses. We were able to quickly diagnose and treat these patients, thanks to their revolutionary DNA tests."

- Dr. Katherine Ebsworth, Orange Park Medical Center

"It took several tries to properly diagnose a patient with syphilis; however, NCF DNA's test yielded positive results after the first test. I highly recommend that we offer this test to all health departments because Real-Time PCR is far more sensitive than traditional culture tests."

- V. Pullen, Nurse Practitioner, Facility Beach Midway Med Express


Real-Time PCR testing allows for highly accurate results for highly targeted treatment.


Pathogen results are delivered within 24 hours. Cancer results are delivered within 14 days.


Putting physicians and patients in the driver's seat by giving critical insight for precise medical diagnoses.

Who We Are

NCF DNA Diagnostics & Technologies is a high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory offering advanced genetic DNA testing that yields 98 percent accurate results within 24-48 hours for our pathogen tests. Results for our 134 cancer gene panel are back within 14 days. We are in Progress Park, a biotechnology and research community in Alachua, FL. We are accredited by both the Joint Commission and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). We are one of a few high-complexity molecular DNA laboratories in the U.S., and the only minority-owned and accredited DNA laboratory in the country. Where we empower patients, physicians and providers through precision medicine.

Not only are our tests accurate and results are back in 24-48 hours, but we also offer customized panels based upon a physician’s request; this allows us to build tests based on what physicians see during their day-to-day practice of medicine.



Our Experts

NCF DNA is equipped with the latest technology as well as the experts who effectively use it to deliver rapid, accurate and actionable results to patients.

Collectively, our leadership team has more than 150 years of clinical, laboratory and research experience.

Our team of experts includes:

– Professionals who receive patient samples at our facility.
Molecular Technologists
– Specialists who process the actual lab tests.
– Experts who are on the forefront of investing/interpreting data and designing new DNA tests.

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