Billing Policy

Who we are:

NCF DNA Diagnostics & Technologies is a high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory offering advanced genetic DNA testing that yield 98 percent accurate results within 24 hours for our pathogen tests. Results for our 134 cancer gene panel are back within 14 days. We are in Progress Park, a biotechnology and research community in Alachua, FL. Where we empower patients, physicians and providers through precision medicine.

Insurance coverage and supplemental forms of payment:

Self-pay patients must submit payment prior to the screening of our advanced laboratory tests. Payments can be processed by calling: 352-375-5553 (Billing Department). Patients may pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, money order or check. Complete the laboratory requisition form (under cash pay) enclosed in the lab collection kit. NCF DNA Diagnostic & Technologies will send patient claims for laboratory services to their medical insurance company, Medicare and/or Medicaid.

We are contracted with various individual insurance companies, networks, and government medical insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Due to these agreements, patient claims will be settled based on the payers’ allowable reimbursement for the test(s) performed. A contractual adjustment will be taken off the difference of the amount billed for the allowable amount. This appears as an “adjustment” on the statement.

Patient responsibility after insurance verification:

If the patient is responsible for any portion of the laboratory charges, the patient will receive a Patient Statement. On this statement, patients will find our contact information, the account number, services provided, payments received, adjustments, and the balance due by the patient. Again, patients may pay this balance by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, money order or, check. Payment is due within 30 days of the billing statement date. Please include the paper remit with your payment to ensure proper settlement of the account. To accommodate your financial needs, we also offer payment arrangements.

Insurance billing:

The patient will receive a statement for any charges deemed “Member Responsibility” immediately after we hear from the insurance provider. The provider may not respond on all the charges for a single date of service on the same explanation of benefits. Therefore, patients could receive a statement for part of the testing in one statement and then receive the remaining charges on a separate statement. For example, if the insurance sends our office a response on five of the ten tests we performed on a single date of service and there is a patient responsibility; patients would receive a statement with the balance owed on the five we posted against. When we receive a response from the insurance provider on the remaining five tests, patients will receive a statement that shows the new charges they are responsible for, as well as any remaining balance from prior charges.

For more information about our billing policy or your billing statement, call: (352) 570-0002 or visit We appreciate your business and value your relationship.