Thought Leaders in
Precision Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that PCR Technology is the emerging Gold Standard for swab testing patients’ specimens for pathogen detection and diagnosis. Our CLIA certified laboratory pioneered this field since our inception in 2017, long before the devastating pandemic was announced. NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies invests in training and education to develop laboratory infrastructure and maintain a highly skilled team of experts. Innovating new pathogen tests daily, NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies endeavors to continue leading PCR Testing with our exceptional work force, always keeping the “patient first” philosophy of care.



Real-Time PCR testing provides precision test results for highly targeted treatments.


Test results are delivered within 24 hours.


Emerging DNA Technology empowers the physician and patient, revolutionizing health care.

Empowering Providers Through Molecular Technologies



Every year in the United States...

20 Million

COVID-19 patients tested in 2020.

COVID-19 deaths toll: 530,000

and rising daily. The COVID-19 pandemic rages on, devastating patients, families and populations worldwide.

38 Million

Respiratory Illnesses in 2019-2020


Deaths annually due to Flu viruses alone.

105 Million

Gastroinestinal Disorders yearly

C. diff

hospitalizes 250,000 patents annually, and 236,000 deaths result each year from Norovirus, C. diff and other common pathogens.

2 Million

Serious adverse reactions linked to antibiotics annually.


Deaths annually from antibiotic resistant infections.